MariusSoft Bulk Image Resizer

MariusSoft Bulk Image Resizer 1.9

MariusSoft Bulk Image Resizer allows you to resize multiple images
1.9.8 (See all)

MariusSoft Bulk Image Resizer is a complete solution that allows you to resize multiple images at the same time. The program enables you to add entire folders or single files for resizing. The application also offers three resize modes to choose from - namely, resize width, resize height, or resize both. You can manually enter the new dimensions and choose a prefix or suffix to name the output file(s). Of course, you can select the image quality and the output file type and directory where you want to save the file. I certainly prefer image resizers that provide percentages or fixed dimensions for the resizing, since it is simpler that way. However, if you are an advanced user I guess you won't have problems settings the dimensions using this tool.

Other advanced options offer the ability to flip the images horizontally or vertically, rotate them at multiple angles, select other file naming options and resize modes. What is more, the application is extremely easy to use and attractive, featuring multiple skins to choose from. In short, MariusSoft Bulk Image Resizer is a great image resizer that will help you resize multiple images in a snap.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Supports bulk resizing
  • Easy to use
  • Nice user interface with multiple themes
  • Offers advanced options like flipping, rotation, etc


  • You cannot resize images by percentages or fixed dimensions
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